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I'm Lilac! Or Lila, Lil, Lilp, Lax... Weenie, Apparently. I'm a little socially awkward flower that takes pictures of things and hoards characters. I do roleplay! Most of the time my goal is to harm R00DPRINCE with OTP ideas though idk. I'm a loser so I'll probably get all excited over social encounters so always feel free to say hi!

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The Babs



{MD} Memphis | Initiation by LilacPetals
{MD} Memphis | Initiation
Memphis' Initiation for MafiaDogs

Memphis strode up to the hotel, tail whipping behind her with every smooth step forward. Grass gave way to pavement, which sent a sigh of relief through the capo. Coat shimmered in the evening breeze, still smelling of sugar dough from the groomer- oh how she missed that place. The Groomer. Ugh. Her nose twitched in curiosity, and with a jingle from her collar, she stepped further into the building. “Hello?” She called, ears swiveling around atop her head.

Hm?” The noise caught her off guard, and she twisted her head to meet the rather tall dog who stepped up to her- merle coat drip drying from salt water. Rue shook her fur out, splashing water everywhere-including onto Memphis who quickly stepped back . “hello! Welcome to Trieste! Unfortunately,” Rue stepped forward after, head rising up to meet the capo eye to eye “I’m not sure where exactly you came from- did you just wonder here alone?” Head tilting, rue sniffed her, tail wagging slightly- even as Memphis side stepped away from her.

Uhm- yeah, I- I was wondering if you happened to know- what… w- I don’t…” Frustration filled Memphis, ears pinning back, she was trying so hard to be formal, an accent- thick, jersey-like touching her tongue. But finally, it broke, and she huffed, shaking her head to clear it. “See, honey, here’s the deal- I’m lost, desperately so. I dunno how I got here or where I am. I woke up this mornin’  and our car was gone- I just wanna get home, but I can’t find the giant… bird.

Giant bird?” That … confused rue. The mutt tilted he head and she paused, paw rising- “Oh dear.” She whispered “You mean a plane, don’t you?” Lowering her head in an apologetic manner, Rue shook her head “sweetie, I’m afraid you may have been left behind. It happens a lot, actually.” Her ears splayed and she offered a consolatory nudge to the neck when Memphis’ expression fell.

left behind?” She asked, twisting to face her better “They would never just-… Leave me! That’s ridiculous!” She arched her head up in disbelief, but- the plane ride there? The new people who coddled her? The new house? Why had her bed been moved to the new house- she wasn’t staying there, was she? She was going back home, right? Right? Then it dawned on her- she saw it. Human currency. She saw it pass between them. She wasn’t sure why- at first she figured it was some… Human greeting, but currency… “They sold me!” She scoffed her bark echoing through the hotel. “Those- those two legged BEASTS sold me!

Rue, having remained silent through her entire revelation, took a step back- jesus this one was fiery. “Uhm- W..Well, you’re more than welcome to join us?” The offer sat stale a moment before Rue elaborated “Y’see,” She began. And the explination was long. About the packs, telling which was where and who was who. She explained Trieste, vernice, the strays- the territories. Everything she could was condensed into a quick run down of the territory, and it left Memphis rather speechless.

So, you’re telling me…” Memphis started, head tilting to the side “That this… Is a mafia- like… A mafia. Mafia. Gang? Wars?

Mhm!” Rue nodded enthusiastically, tongue lolling out and her tail wagging behind her against the dusty floor.

uh…Huh… Yeah, alright. okay then.” Memphis stood up with earnest

Okay what? OH! OH! You mean okay you’ll join!” Rue stood up as well, grinning “Alright, well, follow me and I’ll take you to Vince! He’ll explain everything for ya- gotta do a few things for us before you can join.

With that, Rue lead Memphis towards the ship, looking back to the dog whos head seemingly did 360 turns to take in the environment. 

So, toots, you lived here long?

to- wha..toots? What’s that?” Rue asked, looking back at her

its-… It’s a… Its like-..” Memphis’ eyes crossed a moment while she huffed and puffed “It’s like … Baby- babe.

"Oh! MY goodness, I believe you are mistaken on my age, I am not a baby, I think I'm older than you, actually!" Rue interjected, snorting- baby. How ridiculous.

I-… You..” Memphis paused, ears splaying, but quickly trotted up to her “Are precious. “ She leaped up onto the ramp of the ship and passed Rue who nudged her forward and pivoted to return back to her duties in the Hotel.

Between retrieving the bones, pricking her paw, and walking through the silent halls of the hotel- Memphis had to question her choices up to that point. In the past twenty four hours she had flown in a giant bird, gotten sold off to strangers, ran away, and joined a mafia. Yet, the vow she had taken with the Don offered some sense of security and stability. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad- after all, dogs don’t just… Randomly get attacked on the streets anymore, right?


Hop-Alongs by LilacPetals
Iii made more of them
They're so brightly colored
Oh, Goodness! by LilacPetals
Oh, Goodness!
15SEP for Rue!
Theme: Evil Possession

It's awful rude to walk in without knocking, Gosh.  

Attention everyone in mafiadogs:

I'm making a thing it MAY or MAY NOT get done
((please don't be mad if it does, I've been very hesldf lately))
PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE fill out this form in the comments of the journal if you want your character involved. DUE to the high amount of characters- I need all characters who:

A.) Have been involved in plots
B.) Have ranked up AT LEAST once. (No just-inished characters, please! This is to keep myself sane!)

YOU MAY offer up at most two characters, and I'll try to fit both in, but please pick the one you favor the most. Thank you! 

Character Name:

LINK TO REF(S): (The more the better!) 

List so far:


Helter Skelter






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